The Fitness Motivator

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The Fitness Motivator

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Helping you reach your fitness goals
every step of the way!


How many of us have a fitness plan to get to where we want to be?

We all want to be better off tomorrow than we are today.  Most health-kicks and diets don’t last long because they are focused on the short-term: a certain weight, a vacation, a reunion, a cholesterol level, or even completing a running race. What happens when you get there? Or what if the goal is so aggressive that we just lose focus and motivation to continue?

Approach your fitness plan, like a journey.  First figure out “where you are”:  chart your weight, BMI, eating, and exercise habits;  Next, figure out “where you want to be”:  What’s your goal?  It can be a healthy weight, a goal bathing suit, completion of a running race, or any tangible point; And finally, add 3-5 milestones between the start & finish where you can pause and celebrate the progress on your journey!

Fitness Road map

The program outlined here really works.
It will provide you with noticeable fitness improvements that you can measure. Your improved fitness will reduce your body fat, lower your cholesterol, reduce your risk of heart disease, and many other benefits that are just too good to pass up. It will require your dedication, perspiration, persistence, and patience, but it will lead you down the path to a new and healthier you. Welcome aboard!

So how are we going to get there? Small steps. It’s the little things that matter. For example: Do you…take the elevator or steps?…buy soda or drink water?…use sugar or 0-calorie sweetener?…chose regular or super-duper-size? All of your daily decisions add up.

Here are just a few daily choices that can lead to a fitter you:

  • Add a 0-calorie substitute to your coffee or tea – 9,000 cal/yr.
  • Drink water instead of soda or juice (once a day) – 36,000 cal/yr.
  • Do 5 minutes of calisthenics a day – 10,000 cal/yr.
  • Walk / run fifteen minutes a day (3x per week) – 30,000 cal/yr.

These four small steps alone will help you shed nearly 25 pounds in a year!

We all have a so-called comfort zone that has been established over years of living out our daily routines. We need to gradually shift our comfort zoneto the point where we find ourselves happy and healthy. We’ll do this through small changes, shifting our daily routine into the realm of better habits, all the while monitoring and measuring our continual improvement.

To achieve our long-term goals, we need to know where we are – the Starting Point, where we want to be – Our Goal, and the best path to get there – The Plan. Defining our Starting Point may sound trivial, but it’s a huge step in getting off the ground and walking (or running) towards our goal.

This web site was started for the everyday person who leads a busy life, yet still wants to be the best they can be.

You don’t have to be an Olympian or a body-builder to achieve great results.

You also don’t need any fancy equipment…you probably have everything you need to start already!

This site is loaded with tools, calculators, exercise information, and plans – all to help you succeed.