Great Gifts for Runners

Great Gifts for Runners

The items below make terrific gifts for runners, whether you’re rewarding yourself for reaching a milestone, or buying a gift for your favorite runner. From a subscription to the ultimate runner magazine to a GPS wristwatch..chances are the gifts for runners below will make a great present for the runner in your life.

Runner’s World is the premier publication for runners, providing expert editorials, articles, how-to advice and running event information. I hold on to the monthly issues and refer to them often in both my training and my coaching. Runner’s World is one of the best gifts for runners that I can think of if you need an idea.

Running Books

For instructional running books with training plans, I really enjoy Jeff Galloway’s writing style. His advice is down-to-earth and easy to understand. His Book of Running is a great reference guide for the serious runner, and his other publications are very good training tools for the beginner to the seasoned marathon runner. These make really nice gifts for runners or your for own personal guides. Check out my Born to Run & Once a Runner book reviews…classic distance running books for runners of all levels.

Running Movies

A good running movie, whether it be an inspiring drama like Chariots of Fire, a hilarious comedy like St. Ralph or the motivational documentary, Spirit of the Marathon, the right movie could make the perfect runner gift! Also, check out the Spirit of the Marathon movie review for the marathoners out there.

Massage / Recovery Tool

The Stick is a terrific muscle massage tool and they range in price from $20 – $50 based on the size, style and shape. You’ll see many marathon runners carry these in their duffel bag, as they are a good way to reduce the post race muscle fatigue and aches. This is a must-have for the serious distance runners.

Running Watches

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering how far you ran, what your pace is, or the elevation changes on your run, than ta GPS watch is for you!  I used to be a ‘Garmin runner’, but have grown to love my FitBit Surge.  The Surge is a game-changer with an awesome tracing app for your work-outs; maps of your running routes and no chest strap heart-rate monitor! It works by measuring your wrist with a sensor on the watch itself!  These are the ultimate running gadgets for the runner that likes tracking their performance! If you want more information on these units and other great running watches, check out: Best Running Watches for 2017Running Watch Buyers GuideFitBit Surge ReviewGarmin Forerunner 201 and the Garmin Forerunner 405 product reviews.

MP3 Players

I usually opt for no music when I run, but decided to get with ‘the time’ a few years ago and I got a small MP3 player for my long runs. Fast forward 3 years…and now for less than $50 you can get a iPOD shuffle! MP3 players are great for long walks, runs, or exercise work-outs. And there’s a good reason that iPods are the leader in the MP3 market…they’re the best! Depending on your budget and music library, there are plenty of choices to fit your needs. Check them out…

Gym Bags

When shopping for a gym bag, it’s nice having one that isolates your shoes from your clothes. If you’re always carrying a water bottle, some bags have an exterior pocket for that, too. Gym bags don’t last forever…so there’s a good chance that the runner in your life may need a new one!

Running Shoe Insoles

While I usually recommend getting new shoes before they wear out, sometime a good pair of insoles can help get you some more miles, more shock absorption, and even some heel elevation and arch support for those with plantar fascitis and other foot injuries. Besides the fact that insoles make really good gifts for runners…Happy feet are a runner’s best friend!

Running Singlets

Running clothes have come a long way in the past 10 years. Long gone are the days of cotton-soaked, chaffing T-shirts. Below are just a few of the top-brand singlets that would be a huge hit with any runner.

Gifts for runners that will keep them safe….

Depending on the runner and their climate, there are many other gift ideas that might enhance their hobby. Personally, I run many times in the dark and I really like my LED arm-band. It’s inexpensive, but it can literally be a lifesaver! I also like having synthetic fabric hat and gloves on those cold days, and comfortable sunglasses when it’s sunny. And while it’s not the flashiest of gifts, good socks are a must for any serious runner. For the long-distance runners, try a camelback or water pack like the one below. I enjoy being able to “wear my water” on those long park runs.

Running is a minimal gear sport, however it’s always smart to be safe. The products from RoadID are well-made, quality products to carry your ID and stay visible on the roads. Check out their site for more runner safety items:

Keep checking back, as we’ll continue to update and add onto to these gifts for runners. We’ll also add links to any promotions out there from reputable vendors. Happy running!

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