Beat the Sweet Tooth

Beat the Sweet Tooth

The term sweet tooth sounds harmless, endearing, and almost appealing, but sadly it’s a death sentence.

It has been estimated that Americans sugar consumption has increased 1000% percent in the last century?! We now consume (on average) 2-3 pounds of sugar per person per week!

So what’s the big deal…why worry?

Refined sugar has zero fiber, protein, fats, or minerals.

It is empty as empty calories come.

And the fact that they have zero nutritional value comes at a price.

Your body will take nutrients from healthy cells to process the refined sugar from your diet.

This had led to many problems over time and it’s estimated that there are over 100 diseases and conditions that can be improved with the reduction of sugar in our diets.

A few weeks ago, our boys asked to make rock candy from a recipe that they read in a book. After mixing the sugar and water for them, I noticed how a drink syrup it created. It’s this same syrup-like consistency that our blood takes on as it carries the sugars through our system. I used to think of sugar as pure energy, now I think of it as something that I need to drastically reduce.

Now, this anti-sugar movement was brought on mostly because of the calories and weight gain issues. That being said, many people (including me) have turned to diet sodas, Splenda, and other artificial sweeteners. But, the more I’m reading about them, the more skeptical I get about their impacts on our long-term health. Sadly, I’m certain that the worst is yet to come on their toxicity…time and testing will tell…but I think we’d be foolish to wait for the scientists to tell us what we already expect: chemical sweeteners are bad for us.  Drink water!  

So what now? Moderation. I feel like a hypocrite (again), having recently inhaled some Valentine candy, but I know it’s my daily habits that matter the most. I’ve stopped adding sugar in my coffee; eliminated Splenda or sugar from my oat bran; and cut out the diet sodas, and sugary snacks. In 2 weeks, this helped me lose 4 pounds! No magic – just good sense.

You don’t have to give up your sweet tooth treats to lead a healthier life, just look at your daily consumption and cut back on the sugar and sweeteners. Look at low sugar cereals with less than 10g of sugar per serving; drink water instead of soda; add small amounts of sugar instead of heaping tablespoons. All this will reduce your cravings and your calorie-intake…and help you beat the sweet tooth!


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